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Louisiana High School Basketball Coaches Association

2017-18 Membership Dues:

 $20 per coach

Date: April 10, 2017

Louisiana High School Basketball Coaches
Coaches Information


Dear Coaches:

In order to increase our Louisiana High School Basketball Coaches Association Membership we are attempting to create an up to date database of all boys and girls Varsity, Junior Varsity and 9th grade high school coaches in the state of Louisiana 

If you could please take a moment to update your contact information (Name, Address, E-mail, School) for our records, it would me much appreciated.  Also, if you could forward this email to any other coaches your know who may or may not be affiliated with the LHSBCA it would help us to reach out and recruit new members.

We have also met and discussed new and exciting ways we can incentivize membership in our association.  Your input is of vital importance.  Consequently, providing us with the contact information requested will enable us to better serve you and high school basketball in the state of Louisiana.  

Please keep in mind that our association is separate from LHSAA and LHSCA membership.  Our purpose is solely high school basketball.  While we are affiliated with these groups, we are by no means beholden to them.  Our mission is your mission- to be the voice of basketball coaches as they teach our young people life lessons through athletics. 




Todd Martinez
[1st Vice President] 

Members as of 7-8-2017

Member # First Name Last Name School Name Position
1 Rod Kirschner LHSBCA Tech Coordinator
2 Kenneth Kykes Woodlawn Shreveport Hd Boys
3 Charles Kiely DeRidder Hd Girls
4 Brad McCann Oberlin High School Hd Boys
5 Meghann LeJeune Iota High School Hd Girls
6 Nicholas Jeffers Acadiana High School Hd Boys & Girls
7 Nancy Walsh Cabrini Hd Girls
8 Eugene Whitney III University Lab Asst Girls